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Daniel Palestrant
Founder and CEO, Par8o

DR. DANIEL PALESTRANT is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge-based Par8o. As CEO, Dr. Palestrant is responsible for the overall vision and execution of the Par8o business. His main focus is to ensure that par8o is able to execute on its vision of creating new efficiencies and improvements in patient care through better matching of supply and demand.

Dr. Palestrant's first experiences with Healthcare Informatics came when he conceived, designed, proposed and managed deployment of CIBUR (CIGNA Internet Based Universal Resource), one of the first commercial Web-based healthcare resources for physicians and allied health professionals. Prior to launching Par8o, Dr. Palestrant was no stranger to the entrepreneurial side of medicine. He founded his first company, Azygos, Inc. and after selling Azygos, he joined BioNetrix (now BNX Systems) as Director of Health Care. Prior to Par8o, Daniel's most recent start-up was Sermo. Founded in 2005, Dr. Palestrant grew Sermo to the largest on-line physician community with over 130,000 US physicians and a pioneering business model that ultimately counted over 600 customers, including the largest 25 Pharma and Bio-Pharma companies. Dr. Palestrant spun Par8o out of Sermo in late 2011.

Dr. Palestrant has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Johns Hopkins University, completed Medical School at Duke University, and trained in General Surgery at Beth Israel-Deaconess Hospital, in Boston before leaving to launch Sermo.