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Session 1: Emerging Markets – Is The Boom Over Or Is It Just Beginning?

During the last five years, the emerging markets have grown at breakneck speed as both fix-lined and mobile services have been rolled out to millions of new customers, but are these fantastic growth rates beginning to slow down as the majority of the demand is already serviced? What new opportunities exist for international expansion in new regions and sectors? Will the tough competition for acquisitions and new licenses prohibit all but the biggest players from succeeding in new markets?


10:30 am-11:00 am

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Session 2: Innovation – What Can Emerging Markets Teach Us? What are the key factors driving the rise of emerging telecoms markets as centres of innovation –lower R&D costs, volume of users, or different user environment? How does the average revenue per user vary from region to region and which products and services are in most demand? What new communications, commerce, information and entertainment innovations will we see appearing over the next year? When will the demand for WiMax and 3G take off in emerging markets? Will there be a battle of the standards or a future of peaceful coexistence? What is the key to creating a successful innovation partnership?


12:30 pm-2:00 pm
2:00 pm-3:20 pm

Session 3: Convergence – Opportunity and Disruption

The convergence of web delivery technologies represents a key growth opportunity in the emerging markets, especially since a higher proportion of user access the internet through a mobile handset than through a PC. How is the convergence of internet delivery devices and the rise of VoIP disrupting the mobile and fixed line industries and reshaping network strategies? How does the direction and pace of convergence differ in the emerging markets? How to manage Digital rights in emerging markets? What partnership models will deliver the ideal mix of converged services that will generate mass appeal?


3:20 pm-3:40 pm

Tea Break

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Session4: Emerging Markets Leadership Panel

How do the CEOs of the leading emerging markets telecoms firms view the road ahead? What opportunities and threats do they foresee? During the next year, what do they consider to be the key to sustained growth and staying one step ahead of their competitors?


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Chair’s Closing Remarks
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