Julia Carrick

Julia Carrick
Publisher and Founder, how to spend it
Chief Executive, Walpole

Julia Carrick began her career at the BBC World Service. In 1985 Julia joined the Financial Times where she now combines her role with that of Chief Executive of Walpole; the body for British Luxury.

Julia has successfully launched important businesses in the luxury goods industry. Achievements include founding the award winning how to spend it magazine where as Publisher she continues to be involved with its development and the transformation, and also the founding of Walpole. Under Julia's leadership Walpole membership has risen from 27 to 170 of the greatest British brands and cultural institutions and is now Europe's largest membership organisation representing luxury businesses. Julia has also introduced sections within the FT Weekend such as the well established Collecting and Fashion pages together with reports such as Watches and Jewellery. Julia has an extensive knowledge of the luxury goods sector with a wide circle of contacts.

Julia has helped establish a number of member-led working groups to provide additional strength to Walpole's industry leadership position. Brands of Tomorrow and Crafted, nurtures the creative and entrepreneurial talent of the future through providing mentorship to British luxury brands of the future and craftspeople. Julia also undertakes lobbying and consultation work with the UK Government and the EU. This has become an increasing important aspect of Walpole's remit. She represents the interests of the British luxury industry on a variety of important consultations on competitiveness and innovation, the cultural and creative industries and electronic commerce. Working closely with the French and Italian counterparts, Comité Colbert and Altagamma , under the newly formed European Creative and Cultural Industries Alliance. As well as meetings with the Commissioners, Julia through Walpole ensures the British luxury industry's position is understood, valued and protected through meetings with BIS, OFT and Number 10.