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Nick Grealy
Director, No Hot Air

Nick Grealy is Director of the energy consultancy No Hot Air, specialising in public perception and acceptance issues of shale energy worldwide. Born in the UK, Mr Grealy moved to New York City in his teens and lived in the United States for over two decades. A graduate of New York University, Mr Grealy's US based career included working for utility Con Edison, Chase Manhattan Bank, North African Finance and the City of New York Home Energy Assistance Program. He returned to the UK and started a career in the UK energy industry at London Electricity, Total Gas Marketing, Energy Quote and as the Utilities Specialist for the Department of Health. Describing himself as a "recovering energy consultant" who thinks the worst energy risk is getting talked into thinking you have one, Mr Grealy started following the shale energy revolution in 2008. First studying what he called at the time "shale's sudden emergence and future permanence" he now studies shale's impact worldwide across the energy spectrum. He has worked for private and public clients across Europe and is a frequent contributor to media while continuing to publish analysis of energy acceptance issues at www.nohotair.co.uk.