Energy demand is expected to increase, with greater resources needed to support growing economies and populations around the world, as well as to allow access to energy to the billions of people without access today. At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions from rising energy usage are raising serious concerns about climate change.


Technological innovations are key to supplying the world's significantly growing need for energy that is cleaner and used more efficiently. From super-efficient hybrid vehicles to thin film solar cells, developments are helping to find, retrieve, develop and use energy resources in an efficient and environmentally responsible way.


This one-day conference will bring together leading experts on technological solutions to the global energy challenge. It will play host to a debate about the R&D community's latest and best ideas, their respective merits and their drawbacks.


Discussions will focus on multiple energy sources, analysing breakthrough technological solutions that enhance the use of energy from the fields of hydrocarbon and nuclear energy. Cutting edge developments in alternative sources of energy will be in the spotlight too. And in addition to discussing solutions for finding and delivering clean energy from energy resources, the conference will look at innovations in high-efficiency energy technology. 


Conference highlights include:


How technology can enhance conventional energy supplies

  • Which technologies can locate new, previously undiscovered hydrocarbon reserves and maximise recovery from existing fields?
  • What role do unconventional resources such as tight gas, oil sands and shale play in the world supply?
  • What role do synthetic fuels such as coal-to-liquids, gas-to-liquids, coal-to-synthetic natural gas play?
  • What R&D activities are making nuclear power safer and more efficient?

Technologies to improve energy efficiency

  • What are the innovations that will allow industries and consumers to use energy more efficiently?
  • How can new technology harness the potential of energy efficiency in the face of soaring demand and increasing environmental concerns?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from hydrocarbon fuels

  • What are the most promising technological solutions for deriving low-emission energy from hydrocarbon fuels?
  • Which advanced technologies will play a crucial role in managing environmental risks? 

Breakthroughs in alternative energy resources

  • From algae bio-fuels to concentrated solar power, what are the hottest developments in renewable energy?
  • Which green innovations in the laboratory are leading the way in creating a more sustainable energy future?

The conference will offer the opportunity to hear about the latest thinking on all these questions, and provide discussion at the very highest level. The speaker line-up will be leaders in the fields of breakthrough energy technologies, ensuring thought-leadership throughout the day. 

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