CSR Joins SRI for a Day of Interactive Discussion

In the last five years, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability initiatives have been established at a wide range of major global corporations. At the same time, investors have come to recognize that the environmental, social, and corporate governance factors (ESG factors) addressed in these CSR programs often have a significant impact on performance, meaning the value and future fortunes of a company cannot be assessed completely from financial statements alone.

Despite a business climate of tight margins and an emphasis on ROI, companies are increasingly being proactive, instead of reactive, to CSR issues. How does this impact investment decisions made by asset managers? How do the companies at the forefront of CSR and related programs demonstrate a concrete connection to shareholder value?

Why you should attend

This event will provide an opportunity for the investment community and the corporate world to interact. Investors will hear the issues that Corporate Responsibility Officers face moving forward, and CROs will hear from investors on what they are looking for in a company's CSR approach.

Who should attend

This event is for Asset Managers, Public and Corporate Pension Funds, Corporate Chief Responsibility Officers, Foundations and Endowments, SRI Funds, SRI Indices, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Insurance Companies, and NGOs.


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Social Innovation Awards

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